About Proteus Services

Proteus Services was founded in 2009 by Wanda Kielty, to support the Wireless Operators significant investment into the fast growing and ever-changing Wireless industry.   Proteus Services Headquarters is located is Houston Texas.

Full Service

Proteus Services is a full turn-key services provider.  Proteus has all in house teams supporting Site Acquisition, Construction Services of Macro to Small Cells,  Technical Installation and Integrations, and Fiber Services.

Expert Team

Proteus also has a talented and technical team that provides Design, Build and Support of ODAS and IDAS. We have remote monitoring and maintenance services for complete IDAS and ODAS venues. The company has been awarded contracts to provide these services to Texas A&M, Kyle Field and Houston’s NGR Stadium.

Proteus is a Tier 1 Service Provider; we self-perform and self-manage our projects, leveraging our in house technical and construction teams.

We have established tested workflow processes with a focus on safety and quality, based on 12 years of operations and thousands of projects.  These Projects have been completed across all the major Wireless Operators, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and DISH Wireless.

12+ Years of Service

Focused on Success

Proteus is focused on being big enough to support our customers across multiple states and projects, but small enough to move fast and be flexible to adjust to our customers businesses and market requirements.
  • We let our professional and outstanding work speak for the company and differentiate us from the competition
  • We have an outstanding reputation –Focus is on safety and quality.
  • We have developed KPIs and a strict QC process focused on high quality work and completions  to exceed goals set
  • We have highly technical and professional resources who have a proven track record and understanding of the wireless technology and infrastructure.
  • We have proven project managers that have supported very large projects across multiple states specific to the wireless scope of work and are cross-trained within our multiple business segments
  • We recognize the importance to meeting timelines

Proteus Performs End-to-End