Construction and Fiber Services

Construction Services Proteus Services was established in 2009 and has become an industry leader in New Build Marco Sites, Small Cells, Tower modification, including installation and upgrading of carrier related assets for a cell site.

Proteus is unique in that we do have all in house resources from Civil, fiber and fiber splicing to tower erection, equipment installation and testing. In the wireless industry Proteus Services is truly an end to end, turnkey services provider. Our competitors usually contract out all are part of the build cycle.

Tower Turnkey Construction and Upgrades

  • Rawland builds
  • Antenna and Tower Mods and upgrades
  • Tower inspections
  • Carrier adds for all carriers
  • Experienced troubleshooting teams
  • Tower decoms/destacking
  • Rooftop installs and decoms

Emergency Deployments

  • Emergency deployments of all types. COWs, CROWs, WOLFs, TOWs, COLTs etc.
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency call outs
  • Superbowl and major venue deployments
  • Temporary service deployments
  • Concert/Event Deployment

iDAS, ODAS, Small Cell Construction and Upgrades

  • Major Venue upgrades and new builds
  • Antenna, Fiber, Radios
  • Headend build/expansion, equipment installs, upgrades
  • Equipment adds for all carriers
  • Experienced troubleshooting and optimization teams
  • PS DAS installs meeting all local, state, and federal guidelines.

Civil and Fiber Services

  • In-house civil teams
  • OSP team for fiber design and services
  • Short haul and long fiber construction teams and equipment
  • Site clearing
  • Road installations Concrete work
  • Site Tower/Equipment foundations