Site Acquisition and Real Estate Services

Proteus Services provides turnkey operations and approach to site acquisition projects that helps our customers to navigate through difficult zoning jurisdictions, maneuver the ever-growing landlord/consultant relationships, project manage third party services, work with RF personnel to secure the best possible location and maintain speed to market.

We are committed to success at every turn and manage each phase to ensure quality and efficiency. We streamline all processes with our expert knowledge and staff and work to avoid some of the common pitfalls that would otherwise delay or derail projects.

Our vast experience working side by side with each of our customers internal resources teams has allowed for us to be second to none in time deliverables and highest of quality ratings. From RF design, to A&E engineering, to leasing and regulatory services, Proteus has built the team that has learned to streamline functions and complete each function quickly, efficiently, and timely.

Site Development Services

  • Project Management and Milestones
  • Permitting, Zoning approval, Customer Approved formats
  • Site Acquisition, local, county, state
  • Maps and Right of Entry Preparation
  • ZAR submission (lease procurement)
  • RF engineering coordination

Real Estate Services

  • Search Ring Candidate Review
  • Site Modifications Projects
  • DAS
  • Small Cell
  • Special Events Deployments
  • Fiber Easements
  • Generator Additions
  • ROW Agreements

Phase 1 & Phase 2, NEPA Environmental Services

  • Phase I Environment Assessment
    • Using customer preferred vendor
    • Perform site reconnaissance and issue resolution
  • Phase II Environment Assessment
    • Assessment ordered only at customer request
  • Private Networks – Design, Build, Optimize, and Manage
    • CORE and RAN design and build
    • Share spectrum (i.e. CBRS)
  • NEPA Services
    • Acquisition of NEPA Checklist from customers preferred Vendor

Land Use (Zoning or Design Use)

  • Application Document and Permitting
    • Photos, noise reports, NIER reports, EME compliance reports, Appraisals, Drainage reports
  • Approvals Process
    • Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Site Plan Permits
    • Collection, Organization, and Delivery of all Documentation
  • Land Use Analysis
    • Master Plan Examination
    • Land Use Analysis of surrounding land and neighborhoods
    • Municipal Ordinance Analysis, Application Criteria, Consultation, Relationship to Other Plans

Why Proteus?

Proteus delivers best in class Real Estate service offerings to all major wireless carriers and  wireless infrastructure companies across key asset classes

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